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expertly crafted

Armory Cocktail Table Craft and Forge Brand

The past informs
the future.

Inspired by Artisans.

Built with Pride.

Made for Life. 

That's the cornerstone of the Craft and Forge Brand.

The new Craft & Forge furniture line by Charleston Forge honors designs and techniques of the past while offering handsome pieces that are comfortable and livable.

Charleston Forge, a sustainable manufacturer of high-end, steel and wood furniture, is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. 


the making of the
Armory Collection

visited Colonial Williamsburg and Charleston Forge
to experience the traditional and modern methods of furniture making.

Armory Table Craft and Forge Brand


Inspired by the
American Revolution.

The Revolutionary War wasn’t won through battles alone. 

To keep pace with the might of British industry, Virginia desperately needed new resources and craftspeople played a huge role. Metalsmiths took red-hot iron from the fires of their forges and hammered it into a variety of tools, hardware, and weaponry to strengthen the colony. 

Distinctive forms of iron and steelwork in the Colonial Williamsburg collections — for example, the graceful curvature in a bayonet, an icon of the American Revolution — inspired the Armory collection. 


Frontier drink Table Craft and Forge Brand

American ingenuity
and craftsmanship.

During a time of great expansion, frontier settlers needed the right tools in this uncharted land. The long rifle, a distinctly American innovation, was needed for hunting, and legendarily helped win the Revolution. Much more accurate than a musket, the long rifle was a key component of our victory and serves as a symbol of American ingenuity and craftsmanship. 

The Frontier Collection was inspired by the process by which rifle barrels were made by hand. 

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