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We love to celebrate artisan craftsmanship and community with fun events and workshops.

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The Value of Artisan

Craftsmanship in the

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Craft & Forge is a lifestyle that brings artisan craftsmanship to a modern world.

We will take you behind the scenes to discover the designers' expert processes – from traditional skills to cutting-edge craftsmanship. At the heart of Craft & Forge is a desire to support emerging and established talent, offering you access to unique, high-quality collections and design from artisans nationwide. Our values of humanity, community and integrity of craft have underpinned our mission to support the growth and success of our makers, and forge distinctive partnerships that can help build a new appreciation of craft in the 21st century.

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Lindsey Campbell
of Hello Hydrangea

DECEMBER 3, 2022

Holiday Craft & Forge events in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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December 3 at 11 AM

Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg Gift Shop



December 3 at 4 PM

Brick & Vine Store in Merchants Square

Artisan Exchange

September 22nd & 23rd, 2021


A two-day event bringing modern artisans pursuing classic trades for the contemporary market together with the acclaimed tradespeople at Williamsburg preserving historic methods and practices. The artisans will collaborate on site in the trade shops, sharing ideas, techniques, and inspiration.

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Lindsey Campbell

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Sara Dahmen


Michael Twitty

Visiting artisans participating in the inaugural Exchange will include: carpenter/farmer/blacksmith Anne Briggs, artist and weaver Lindsey Campbell, metalsmith and award-winning writer Sara Dahmen, with special involvement from Culinary Historian, Author, and Interpreter Michael Twitty.

Colonial Williamsburg

Travel back in time and immerse yourself in an 18th-century city, see the time before power tools and meet our world-class artisans in the Historic Trades.

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