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Crafting Partnerships

We love working with like-minded brands to realize creative partnerships that expand an appreciation for craft and its makers. 

Working Together

We support our partners through the design process to create beautiful products for the contemporary market. We also offer marketing and branding support, collaborating closely with our licensees to build engaging campaigns to tell the fascinating stories from the past.

How it Works

Craft and Forge Give Back to Colonial Williamsburg

Because of  Craft & Forge support

We can purchase seeds and plants for the 85 historic gardens of  Colonial Williamsburg.  

The native and exotic flora that were grown by the colonists require extensive care and ongoing research. 



Secure and store rare wood supplies used by cabinetmakers and joiners, yarn and dye for the weavers, seeds and plants for the historic gardens are just a few examples.



We can secure and store rare wood supplies used by cabinetmakers and joiners, purchase yarn and dye for the weavers, and deer hides for leather artisans.



Master tradesman, journeymen and apprentices are supported in professional development opportunities to ensure the preservation of  knowledge and skills.



Apprentice Tinsmith 

Jenny Lynn

“Donors help the tinsmiths rediscover a dying trade by allowing us to purchase specialty materials, like lead-free solder and hot-dipped, tin-plated iron or even common materials like firewood and charcoal, for our daily work at the Anderson Armoury Tin Shop.  With the assistance of donors, we are able to operate as the only 18th-century Tin Shop in a museum in the United States.”

Traditional skills are at risk

of being lost to time

One goal of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Trades program is to ensure that younger generations continue to research, preserve and practice historic and increasingly rare trades. 

What Makes Us Different

Our connection to this highly respected historical research institution enhances our distinctive approach to product development, bringing authenticity and integrity unmatched by any licensing program in today’s market.

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